Skin cream with colloidal silver and beeswax

Skin cream with colloidal silver and beeswax

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Damaged, red skin can feel very uncomfortable. TraumaPet skin cream is a combination of beeswax and colloidal silver. This makes the cream gentle on the skin and ideal for various skin problems. 

Small summary:

  • Soothing skin cream for all pets
  • Based on beeswax and colloidal silver
  • With natural disinfectant effect
  • Reduces the risk of inflammation and infection

Application for:

🐾 Final stage of wound healing

🐾 Skin problems/flaking/irritation

🐾 Inflammation between the toes

🐾 Skin fold dermatitis

🐾 Dry skin

🐾 Hot spot

🐾 Eczema

🐾 Itching

How do you use TraumaPet Skin Cream?

With the ideal combination of beeswax and colloidal silver, TraumaPet Skin Cream soothes your pet's skin. This, in turn, helps reduce the likelihood of infections. Colloidal silver in particular reduces the risk. Colloidal silver naturally has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties.

Apply some cream to a clean finger and spread this amount over the desired area. Repeat the process 3-5 times a day to keep the area nice and supple. If the situation does not improve within a few days, it is advisable to see the vet.

Ingredients of TraumaPet® skin cream:

Colloidal silver ,100 μg in 1 ml cream, purified water, beeswax, sodium polyacrylate.

All TraumaPet® products contain Colloidal Silver NanoComplex®, a specially developed formula with silver nanoparticles (colloidal silver). Silver is a precious metal with antibacterial and healing properties. Since the effect of silver does not cause resistance in bacteria, as is the case with antibiotics, it can be used over a long period of time.