Wound gel with colloidal silver

Wound gel with colloidal silver

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Wound gel for dogs and cats

  • Dosage form: Gel
  • pack size: 15 ml

We all know it: from time to time our skin gets dry or red and sometimes we get a small sore. Luckily we have enough creams and ointments to take care of ourselves.

The wound gel helps animals with:

🐾 Open wounds

🐾 Wound care

🐾 Abrasions

🐾 Bite wounds

🐾 Cracks

🐾 Scratches

🐾 Get out

🐾 Irritation of the anal glands and vulva

Further information:

TraumaPet® wound gel cares for open wounds. The water-based gel allows for moist wound healing, which accelerates natural healing.

The product is suitable for all animal species.

Application recommendation:

Before use, remove debris from the wound. Apply the gel to the affected area with a clean finger and cover the area with an even layer 2-3mm thick.

Then wrap the wound with a bandage (if possible) and repeat the process every 12 to 48 hours depending on the severity and progress of healing. If the situation does not improve within a few days, you should consult a veterinarian.  

It is important to keep the wound containing the gel moist, as drying out will result in a loss of effectiveness. We recommend keeping the gel in the fridge because applying a cool gel has a calming effect.

In this Video you can see how the wound gel is applied to a dog.  

Ingredients of the TraumaPet® wound gel:

Colloidal silver 400 μg Ag in 1 ml gel, purified water, carbomer, sodium hydroxide for pH adjustment